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The art of listening to the body

Biological Decoding by Ángeles Wolder

About the author

Ángeles Wolder is a leader in the wellness sector, specifically in Biological Decoding, and her work is recognized throughout the world.

She has degrees in Physiotherapy and Professor of Anatomy and Social and Cultural Anthropology. Ángeles completed her studies with a Master in Ergonomics and Psychosociology.

Her labor with complementary therapies started in 1995, when she studied Neurolinguistic Programming (1995). After that she improved her skills taking several specialization courses such as Eriksonian Hypnosis (1996), Family Constellations (2001), New Germanic Medicine (2007), Biological Decoding (2008), TIPI (2012) and Neurosciences (2018).

She has over 30 years of teaching experience and during the past 10 years she has focused on understanding and observing how human beings manage emotional conflicts and how these have a significant impact in their health.

Approached in this spirit, she decided to be founding the Escuela de Descodificación Biológica Original (EDBO) in 2010. Since 2017, she leads the Instituto Angeles Wolder and works as a therapist and trainer in the different activities, courses and trainings that the institute offers.

Her innovative and biological method has helped more than 5,000 people to identify the source of their physical and psychological symptoms and improve their emotional well-being by relieving the stress associated with that shock that first caused the symptom.

Her first book, “The Art of Listening to the Body”, is a sales success that is now in its 3rd edition and has sold more than 10,000 copies throughout Spain, Argentina, Mexico and other South American countries.

Her second book, “El reflejo de nuestras emociones: la descodificación de los sentimientos a través del cine”, was published in February 2019. This book proposes to know the Biological Decoding of his feelings through more than 200 films, so that, in the case of what you want, you can choose another way of living.

Biological decoding

Biological Decoding raises that before the appearance of a symptom, the person has experienced a biological shock or conflict; a problem or event that pops up unexpectedly, doesn’t have a resolution and cannot be expressed. In this complementary therapy, the biodecodifier accompanies the person to discover -through a journey of self-knowledge – that specific event.

The biological shock

Lived alone
Cannot be expressed
Without resolution

Explanation of the book

The art of listening to the body

The art of listening to the body is based in understanding that each person is unique and experiences emotions differently, so the same emotion can affect different parts of the body according to the way of living it.

In this book, Angeles Wolder Helling invites us to relate to our body in order to understand the messages behind each disease. The author has the virtue of describing the model of therapeutic work of Biological Decoding in a didactic, informative and clear way, and not only proposes to understand the illnesses from another perspective, but to understand what healing implies. The challenge is to learn how to listen to the hidden messages that are behind the physical symptoms, the existential obstacles or the unpleasant repetitions of our lives in order to evolve towards true healing.

Through the pages, as readers we will become aware of our body and start a job to train the listening before and after the illness. It will be only after that when we will discover the impact in our body of what we have lived and the way of living it. Not only in our lives, but also in our biographical and pre-biographical stages (known as transgenerational memories), where we can find surprising and unexpected links to our ancestors.


The Art of Listening to the Body is the first book of Biological Decoding by Ángeles Wolder, in which she invites us to relate to our body by understanding the messages behind each illness.

Biological Decoding reaffirms the concept that psyche, brain and body are intimately interconnected, and the diseases are another form of language. It is essential to pay attention to the conflicts that the person has experienced to improve its emotional well-being.

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